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1Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

Abstract. The main research is aimed at understanding and identifying the patterns of those processes that are involved in the procedure of changing the previously adopted rules of functioning of complex socio-economic systems. The change procedures may be institutional and non-institutional/imposed. The methods of change can be formally regulated and informally manipulative. All this causes a certain level of resistance in the hierarchical system of decision-making and the implementation of their professional functions. Methodology. A system of test questions was compiled, which were used in the general structure of sociological questions. The apparatus of correlation and regression analysis was used. Results. Dependencies reflecting the behavior of employees on the proposed changes were identified and constructed. The article presents the influence of the age factor, as well as the reaction of resistance to the number of measures to reduce the level of resistance. It can be assumed that the resulting dependencies, as trends, are universal and systemic in nature. The situation of resistance to changes in the pension system was modeled. Conclusions. The main conclusion is that the category of “resistance” has an intersubject and global concept. In the socio-political and socio-economic spheres, more than one innovation for change should not be considered without a preliminary assessment of possible resistance. Methods for moving resistance from a state of conflict to a state of consensus should also be developed.

Keywords: resistance to change, group resistance, organizational resistance, logical resistance, psychological resistance, social resistance, resistance to pension reform.


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