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Zarovnyaev B.N., Shubin G.V., Sobakina M.P., Budikina M.E., Ammosova M.N.



UDC 378.622 (561.56)

Zarovnyaev B.N.1 (Yakutsk, Russian Federation) – E-mail:, Shubin G.V.1 (Yakutsk, Russian Federation) – E-mail:, Sobakina M.P.1 (Yakutsk, Russian Federation) – E-mail:, Budikina M.E.1 (Yakutsk, Russian Federation) – E-mail:, Ammosova M.N.1 (Yakutsk, Russian Federation) –

1Mining Institute

Abstract. Currently, the development of the diamond mining industry, coal, gold and polymetals mining in the Russian Far East is an important area to meet the growing needs of the region. The implementation of these projects not only requires material and energy resources, but also mining specialists. In this regard, with the expansion of production, the creation of new branches of the mining and processing industry, the need for mining engineers will grow and at the same time, the requirements for their professional competence are imposed, which should be formed in the process of training engineers.The formation of professional skills of students in the course of training is relevant and should be implemented in the process of teaching special disciplines. Competencies are provided by the state standard of the specialty and take into account the knowledge, skills and possession of certain skills that are formed during the course design. The implementation of the project provides for the implementation of the main sections of the field development: opening and development system. The efficiency of field development depends on their correct choice. In this regard, for the methodically correct choice of the opening method and the development system, the matrices of their choice are proposed, taking into account the generally accepted classifications of the opening methods and the development system, as well as the mining and geological conditions of the projected field.The methodology is intended for students studying in the specialization “Open-pit mining”, to perform a course project on the discipline Technology and complex mechanization of open-pit mining for students. The introduction of the methodology in the educational process allows students to choose the right method of opening and development system, taking into account specific mining and geological conditions, to reduce the duration of the selection and calculation of the parameters of the method of opening and development system of the field, as well as to improve the quality of implementation and protection of projects, the adequacy of decisions.

Keywords: North-East of Russia, training of mining engineers, open-pit mining, formation of competencies, matrix, mode of opening, mining system.


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Zarovnyaev B.N., Shubin G.V., Sobakina M.P., Budikina M.E., Ammosova M.N. Formation of professional competencies of students. CITISE, 2021, no. 1, pp.360-371. DOI: