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Abstract. The article reveals three interpretations of the project-program approach to the development of additional professional education (DPO) at the university. Substantiates and reveals the structure of the development program of the structural division DPO in the medium term, including: mission, strategic goal and development objectives of the structural unit DPO until 2025; the analysis of the internal environment; analysis of external environment; the main directions of development of the structural division, major activities for the development of the structural unit; target indicators for the implementation of the Development Program; a forecast assessment of the effectiveness of the Development Program of the structural division of the DPO. Is the argument of the main target indicators of the program of development: number trained listeners for all programmes DPO; number of implemented programmes DPO; by jet funds from services DPO; number of developed new educational programs tailored to the needs of the labour market; the number of updated educational programs on the basis of existing occupational standards; the number of educational programs implemented from the total labor intensity with the use of exclusively e-learning and DOT; conclusion of cooperation agreements, on network interaction in the implementation of educational programs; professional and public accreditation of e-learning programs. The results of the study allow us to say that the modern practice of the development of continuing education in universities indicates the need for strategic planning of activities in the medium term, the widespread use of the design and program approach for these purposes.

Keywords: additional professional education, advanced training, professional retraining, project-program approach, program-target approach, development program, development strategy, university.


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