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1Perm military Institute National Guard troops of the Russian Federation

Abstract. The problem of self-education occupies an important place in the system of professional training of cadets of military universities. The article analyzes various approaches to considering the issue of independent training of cadets of military educational organizations of higher education for conducting both educational work and self-education. The author shares the point of view of scientists that the educational environment of a military university does not sufficiently contribute to the formation of self-educational activities of cadets and, in some cases, with increased attention to the formation of military-professional knowledge, skills and skills, the solution of the pedagogical task of forming self-educational competence among cadets is missed. The author proposes a way to solve this problem in the pedagogical provision of metacognitive strategies for continuous self-education of military university cadets. Metacognitive strategies are identified and described: planning strategies involving the preparation and implementation of an educational work plan, the formulation of goals set, the construction of the content of educational work; surveillance strategies that rely on introspection and the application of the theory of education in the practice of interaction with personnel; regulatory strategies that ensure the regulation of the process of their teaching for the upcoming professional activity, self-control of their actions, the ability to analyze the sequence of the task, strong-willed regulation. The technology of training cadets to use metocognitive strategies in activities described. The provision of metacognitive strategies for the continuous self-education of cadets will allow the implementation of metacognitive regulation of the cognitive activities of cadets and increase the effectiveness of their educational and professional training.

Keywords: metacognitive strategies, metacognitive skills, metacognition, self-education, self-regulation, educational activity, cognitive activity, cadet.


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