ISSN 2409-7616

Ader A.V., Emets M.S., Krivolapov V.G., Malahova O.Yu.



UDC 331.4

Ader A.V.1 (Orenburg, Russian Federation) –, Emets M.S.2 (Orenburg, Russian Federation) – E-mail: emecmaksim@yandex.r, Krivolapov V.G.1 (Orenburg, Russian Federation) – E-mail:, Malahova O.Yu.1 (Orenburg, Russian Federation) –

1Samara state University of railway transport

2Russian State University of Oil and gas named after I.M. Gubkin

Abstract. The article examines the issues of modern state social insurance, its theoretical and practical features by comparing the main modern approaches in Russia and in European countries, including the features of state social insurance financing. Emphasis is placed on social insurance against industrial accidents and occupational diseases as a necessary process of social protection of employees. The article summarizes domestic and foreign legal and practical experience in the implementation of social insurance for employees. The article analyzes a conceptually new international approach to industrial safety – «zero injuries», which puts forward fundamentally new requirements for social insurance at work. The possibilities of the HAZOP system in the system analysis of the production process associated with production and technological risks are investigated. Reasonable conclusions are made on the expediency of including an employee as a voluntary policyholder of personal responsibility for safe work in insurance relations.

Keywords: social insurance, economic justification, financing of occupational risks, social guarantees, occupational diseases, accidents at work, «zero injuries», HAZOP.


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Ader A.V., Emets M.S., Krivolapov V.G., Malahova O.Yu. Economic social social security insurance of employees Against work accidents and occupational diseases. CITISE, 2021, no. 1, pp.30-46. DOI: