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L. Mardakhaev



Lev V. Mardakhaev –Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Social pedagogy and youth work organization, Russian State Social University, Moscow, Russian Federation, ORCID ID: 0000-0002-9654-9246, E-mail:

Abstract. The article is devoted to the disclosure of the essence and content of the pedagogical culture of the social teacher. The study was built on the basis of personality-activity, competency and system approaches. Information is presented on the origins of the development of the term “pedagogical culture”. An understanding of the terms “culture”, “professional culture”, “pedagogical culture”, and “the foundations of pedagogical culture” is revealed. The main components (personal, philosophical and emotional levels) of the internal and (personal, behavioral and practical-technological and external relations levels) external components of the pedagogical culture of the teacher, social educator are distinguished and characterized. In the internal component, the spiritual and moral (deontological) basis of the pedagogical culture of the teacher is highlighted and characterized. The features of the manifestation of the components of the external side of the socio-pedagogical culture of the social teacher through the individual style of pedagogical activity are characterized. Based on the analysis of the activities of the teacher and social educator in various situations of professional activity, the most typical forms of manifestations of the external pedagogical culture are natural and everyday; ostentatious, or demonstration; situational. The materials obtained made it possible to highlight the qualitative characteristics of the manifestation of the pedagogical culture of the social teacher: general culture; deontological (spiritual and moral) basis of duty; pedagogical skills and experience in its implementation; individual style of professional activity. This made it possible to identify and characterize typical levels of manifestation of the pedagogical culture of a social teacher. The manifestations of pedagogical culture caused by the deformation factor of the personality are highlighted and characterized. Attention is drawn to the necessity, when assessing the level of manifestation of the pedagogical culture of a teacher, social educator, highlighting the basic foundations of a personality that is different from deontology (morality), which determine its destructiveness (authoritarian-behavioral and vulgar-uncontrolled; dualistically situational-behavioral; due to disappointment in its profession, as well as the “career crisis”). The materials presented make it possible to comprehend the orientation in the training of teachers, social educators, as well as their certification in the process of professional activities for professional purposes.

Keywords: skill, professional excellence, pedagogical skill, pedagogical technique, pedagogical preparedness, social teacher.


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