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G. Mabiala, V. Gnizdylo



Gilbert Mabiala – Ph.D., associate professor, Department Economic theory, Institute of Economics and Management, FSAEI of HE “V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University”, Simferopol, Russian Federation, ORCID: 0000-0002-5310-2399, E-mail:

Vladislav S. Gnizdylo – Student of the Institute of Economics and Management (structural unit) FSAEI of HE “V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University”, Simferopol, Russian Federation, ORCID: 0000-0003-1419-3723, E-mail:

Abstract. The features of the ecological state of the environment of administrative and territorial-sectoral units of the Republic of Crimea are considered. The analysis of the main environmental and economic problems of the region that arise in the process of irrational use of the natural resource potential of the study area. The role of regions in solving territorial environmental problems is investigated. The determinants of the destruction of landscape systems, anthropogenic and technogenic factors of environmental degradation in the region and that have a significant impact on public health have been identified. The dynamics of the deterioration of the state of affairs in individual cities, regions and territorial units of the Republic has been revealed. The integral pollution coefficient of the Crimean air basin is used. A systematic assessment of the dynamics of emissions of pollutants into the air is carried out. The problem of high emissions from mobile sources has been identified. It has been established that some environmental and economic problems in the Republic arise due to the lack of reverse water supply at the water treatment facilities of water bodies. It has been determined that water shortage is also among the most important problems for domestic purposes as well as for economic and industrial purposes. It has been revealed that in some rural areas of Crimea, the process of loss of humus caused by water and wind erosion has been progressing over the past decades – factors that reduce the level of productivity of agricultural land and the general economic condition of agricultural formations. It is proved that the regional environmental and economic policy is an integral component of the regional strategy in general and regional environmental policy in particular. The features of the system of ensuring environmental and economic security and the preservation of the natural and ecological environment in the region are considered. Practical and theoretical approaches to its reform are proposed. It is proved that the sustainable development of Crimea, against the background of the current environmental and economic situation, can be achieved in the near future. For this, it is necessary to put forward innovative methods of accounting and monitoring the environmental consequences of managerial and economic decisions that make up the regional environmental and economic policy.

Keywords: natural resources, ecological state, anthropogenic impact, environmental and economic safety, GRP, pollutants, carbon dioxide, atmospheric air, state and efficiency of nature management.



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Mabiala G., Gnizdylo V.S. Ecological and economic problems of territorial development policy in Crimean republic. CITISE, 2020, no. 3, pp.38-52. DOI: