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T. Lopoukha, D. Suslov



Tatyana L. Lopoukha – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Humanities and Socio-Economic Disciplines of the Novosibirsk Higher Military School, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation, E-mail:

Dmitry V. Suslov – Candidate of Military Sciences, Head of the Tactics Department of the Novosibirsk Higher Military Command School, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation, E-mail:

Abstract. The article analyzes the problem of the formation of the military pedagogical education of officers of the Russian Armed Forces in the historical practice of the national military school. It is noted that such a need arose when Russia moved to development along the capitalist path in the conditions of a shortening of the service life and the introduction of all-union military service. The course of reforming the system of military education in the post-Soviet period, including its scientific ideas and solutions, is analyzed. The features of modern tasks performed by the Russian military school, determined by the nature of military threats existing for the country, are noted. A brief analysis of the directions of training military personnel in the US military education system, openly attributed Russia in doctrinal documents to its opponents, is presented. The necessity, confirmed by pre-Soviet and Soviet experience of fundamental military-pedagogical training of officers, was noted. The authors stand on the position that today there is a need to improve the military-pedagogical education of officers of the Russian army. It must, without fail, organize the improvement of military-pedagogical and ideological-value training of cadets of the country’s military universities. Their training program should include both independent disciplines “Military pedagogy” and “Military psychology” with a volume of at least 4 credits each and the disciplines “Moral and psychological support of the activities of troops with a volume of at least 2 credits. Modern requirements for mastering the skills of research makes it appropriate to introduce the course “Methodology, methods and methods of scientific research.” The directions of the implementation of this task in military high schools, possible in modern conditions, are suggested.

Keywords: military pedagogical education, reforming the military education system, taking into account the domestic and foreign experience of training officers.



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Lopoukha T.L., Suslov D.V. Military and pedagogical education officers of the armed forces of the Russian federation: problems and prospects. CITISE, 2019, no. 5, pp. 204-213. DOI: