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M. Semin



Mikhail I. Semin – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Professor, Department of Theoretical Mechanics, Moscow State Automobile and Road Technical University (MADI), Moscow, Russian Federation, E-mail:

Abstract. Reliability as one of the generalizing indicators of quality manifests itself in time, therefore, the calculation and prediction of the possible behavior of the product is the basis for ensuring the required level of reliability, while failure statistics are a necessary feedback link and need constant accumulation and updating of information to improve the product, and to predict its behavior in specific operating conditions, depending on the prevalence of physical destruction processes of various nature.

Keywords: reliability, durability of the material, durability of joints, operation and repair of products, repair and restoration technologies, design calculation.



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Semin M.I. Methods for studying component elements of designs to ensure reliability and economic features. CITISE, 2019, no. 4, pp. 369-380. DOI: