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E. Tupichkina



Elena A. Tupichkina – Doctor of pedagogical Sciences, professor Department of pedagogy and technologies of preschool and primary education, Armavir state pedagogical University, Stavropol, Russian Federation, E-mail:

Abstract. The article deals with modern higher education, which plays a major role in the education of the individual. Modern education sets the students of bachelor degree educational tasks, the solution of which in the process of learning leads to the formation of professional and pedagogical skills. Education at the University involves certain conditions for the development of professionalism of the teacher. The process of training bachelors allows you to create professional competence. Professional competence is considered as a set of basic, basic, special and key competences, allowing to ensure the effectiveness of self-realization in professional and pedagogical activity. One of these tasks is the implementation of Museum pedagogy technologies in the future professional activity of the bachelor in the work of preschool educational organizations. This makes it possible to ensure the implementation of Museum pedagogy technology in pre-school educational institutions.

Keywords: psychological and pedagogical education, bachelor of arts, education, Museum, professional challenges, museum education, professional competence, competence approach, pedagogical competence.



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Tupichkina E. A. Features of preparation of bachelors of psychological and pedagogical education to work in the preschool educational organization. CITISE, 2019, no. 4, pp. 65-71. DOI: