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E. Mezentseva, E. Korolyuk



Ekaterina V. Mezentseva – Candidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor, head of the Department of social and humanitarian disciplines of the branch of FSBEI HE “Kuban state University” in Tikhoretsk, Tikhoretsk, Russian Federation, RISC-SPIN-code: 7670-8270, E-mail:

Elena V. Korolyuk – Doctor of economic Sciences, associate Professor, Deputy Director for scientific work of the branch of FSBEI HE “Kuban state University” in Tikhoretsk, Tikhoretsk, Russian Federation, RISC-SPIN-code: 6791-5479, E-mail:

Abstract. The main issue of the study was the problem of creating attractive infrastructure, social and legal conditions for doing business. Accordingly, an integral part of this process should be the assessment of the level of sustainable development of entrepreneurship using a set of indicators that allow you to compare the entrepreneurial potential of the region in the context of its subjects and are the basis for management decisions aimed at stimulating the socio-economic development of individual territories. The assessment of sustainable business development is based on a matrix approach. The purpose of the study is to determine the sustainability of business development using a matrix approach, which allows not only to assess the situation in the dynamics, but also provides an opportunity to design promising strategic directions of business for the analyzed area. Results. Based on the analysis of the results of the development of entrepreneurial activity, economically justified, socially oriented impact on the part of the management bodies at the sub-Federal level is provided, which is aimed at achieving an increase in the level and improving the quality of business functioning and forming new functionality for the further development of entrepreneurial structures. Summary. The developed matrix approach for assessing the sustainability and effectiveness of the implementation of the entrepreneurial potential of the region on the basis of socio-economic criteria will allow, on the one hand, to determine the prospects for deeper development of their economic reserves, on the other hand, will provide the opportunity to apply this approach in the activities of Federal and regional public authorities in the preparation, implementation and control of territorial programs of socio-economic development associated with improving the efficiency of the functioning of entrepreneurial potential.

Keywords: entrepreneurship, business environment, sustainable development, matrix approach, socio-economic indicators, assessment, region.



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Mezentseva E. V., Korolyuk E. V. Assessment of the sustainability of the entrepreneurial activity subjects of region with use of the matrix approach. CITISE, 2019, no. 4, pp. 72-79. DOI: