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V. Batishchev, I. Androsova, A. Stepanova,


Vladimir S. Batishchev – Student of the Department of engineering technologies and equipment, South-West State University (Russia, Kursk), E-mail:

Irina V. Androsova – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Regional and Economics, South-West State University (Russia, Kursk), RISC SPIN-код: 5052-3538, E-mail:

 Anna R. Stepanova – Student of the Department of regional and Economics of Southwestern state University (Russia, Kursk), E-mail:

Abstract. The article is devoted to the problems of small business development in Russia. The purpose of the article is to highlight the strategic directions of small business development based on the analysis of its development. When writing the article used legal documents; official statistics; materials of the periodical press. The study is based on the use of systematic, integrated and process approaches to solving problems, also used economic-statistical and program-target methods. The role of small business in the modern economy is to create jobs, participate in the formation of budgets of different levels.  To identify the priorities of small business development, the state of small businesses in Russia over the past five years has been analyzed. The Russian economy is characterized by an excess of the share of microenterprises in relation to small and medium enterprises. The contribution of small enterprises to Russia’s GDP exceeds a little more than 20% by the end of 2018. It is noted that these values are far from the same for foreign countries. The sectoral structure shows that small enterprises are concentrated mainly in trade and construction. For the development of small business, conditions are created for various kinds of support, namely: subsidies, leasing services, business incubation. The study of the Strategy of small business development has led to the conclusion that as of the current time, a number of indicators have been met and are planned to be achieved by 2020. According to the results of the study identified problems in the development of small business, which include:copying regional programs of Federal x programs of development and support and entrepreneurship a; a number of measures is bureaucratic in nature, i.e. representatives of the business community need to go through many formal procedures to obtain financial support;the lack of a number of effective ways to support the development of small business.

Keywords: small business; strategy of development of small business; small business; economy; state.



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