ISSN 2409-7616

A. Ustyuzhina


Alena Y. Ustyuzhina – Candidate of Sciences (Pedagogy) Senior lecturer of the Department of Theory and methodology vocational education, service and technology, Transbaikal State University (Russia, Chita), RSCI SPIN-code: 5854-2769, E-mail:

Abstract. The article deals with the currently relevant problem of practice-oriented education in a higher educational institution. A methodological analysis of the concept of “practice-oriented learning” was carried out.  The main approaches to practice-oriented education in an educational institution, which are being implemented in universities, are considered.  Studied modern forms of interaction of education (universities) and production (enterprises). It is proposed to systematize the forms of interaction of an educational institution (university) with employing organizations according to the following criteria: time (period) of interaction organization and space (territory) organization of interaction.  The forms of one-time interaction (one-time interaction) and long-term interaction (periodic interaction) of an educational institution (university) with service organizations are considered on the example of training bachelor of service.  The proposed forms are used in the preparation of students in the direction of training 43.03.01 “Service”, profiles “Socio-cultural service” and “Service in the fashion and beauty industry”.

Keywords: practice-oriented education, practice-oriented education, university, employer organizations, employers, bachelor of service, service.



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