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E. Mezentseva


Ekaterina V. Mezentsevacandidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor, head of the Department of social and humanitarian disciplines of the Kuban state University branch in the city of Tikhoretsk  (Russia, Tikhoretsk), RISC-SPIN-code: 7670-8270, E-mail:

Abstract. The main question of the research was the problem of development of small entrepreneurship of the agriculture sector on the territory of the Republic of Crimea. Small business has convincingly proved its economic and social importance, has become a serious creative force that more fully meets the social, economic, environmental and other criteria of diversity needs of citizens. At the same time, the current trends of socio-economic development of the Republic of Crimea convincingly prove that the sustainable functioning of small business is impossible without the active assistance of the state. Favorable conditions for the development of small businesses, and in particular in the agricultural sector, are largely provided through program management. The purpose of the study is to determine the problems of small agribusiness development in the Republic of Crimea, as well as the role of program management in ensuring sustainable and effective formation of the small agribusiness sector. Results. The study of the main trends in the development of small business in the agricultural sector and the level of its state support led to the conclusion that the application of the program management method in the Republic of Crimea has a generally positive dynamics of development, and the funds allocated for its support in the framework of program activities, largely pay off in the form of increasing regional GDP, tax revenues to budgets of different levels. At the same time, the implemented subprograms do not reveal the specific problems of the region, do not include a comprehensive set of effective measures that would contribute to the formation of a favorable business environment in the agricultural sector. Accordingly, a set of measures to promote the development of small business should include priority areas for the development of infrastructure, social environment, etc. Conclusions: The analysis and comparison of the main achieved indicators of program activities with the expected ones allowed to conclude that the proposed forms of support within the framework of program activities will greatly contribute to the sustainable development of small business and increase its competitiveness, which will improve the efficiency of agriculture of the Republic of Crimea.

Keywords: entrepreneurship, Republic of Crimea, development trends, program management, government programs, support, business environment, sustainable development.



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